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domingo, 10 de abril de 2016

Scent & Style: Synaesthesia Explored Through Trends in Beauty

by: Trésor Prijs

As lovers of fragrance each and every one of us has our own singular way of perceiving the aromas which exist the world around us. Much of the time it is in relation to emotion, an invisible thread of consciousness that binds the physical to cascades of memory and deep feeling. To some, however, scent is manifested through other entities such as sound or colour. This is a phenomena known as synaesthesia, one which I happen experience myself though not always with these particular manifestations, but also through texture and light. A fortuitous twist of fate for it allows me to experience another of my greatest loves, the art of makeup, though fragrance as well. I would love for you to join me as I explore my own synaesthesia through some of my favourite trends seen on the runway during fashion week for Fall/Winter 2016.
Luminous, Glowing Skin | L’Eau d’Hiver from Frederic Malle
It comes as no surprise that an illuminated, strategically minimalistic approach to maquillage has taken the runways once again. From the effortless floridity at Zero + Maria Cornejo to the subtle bohemian incandescence seen at Gucci (pictured above)it’s clear that the trend is once again in full swing and most certainly here to stay. Though the the seemingly obvious choice would be to associate the lambent bloom of a glowing complexion with astral hues of a soft and sensuous skin musk my mind instead conjures the exquisite texture of a luxurious cream that is so beautifully apparent within Jean-Claude Ellena’s L’Eau d’Hiver. A lush canopy of delicately powdered heliotrope blossoms is captured within flowing ribbons of iris cream, bathed in the silken rhapsody of atmospheric white musk and undulating tendrils of honeyed aurora. Each note is blended with thoughtful synchronicity, unfolding within my mind as a photorealistic manifestation of this effortless gleam.
Inky Black Eyes | LAVS from UNUM
Enveloping one’s eyes in all manner of obsidian is a practice that has existed just about as long as the practice of applying makeup itself. From the smouldering onyx of Cleopatra’s graphic gaze to the effortless haze of raven hued smoke sported by the Bardot babes of the 1960’s I would hazard to say that this may very well be one of the most enduring beauty trends of all. While the runways were plentiful with incarnations of this trend I must admit that my favourite of all was the atramentous cloud of  shadow created by François Nars for Marc Jacobs (pictured above), mirrored so beautifully by the spectral umbra of LAVS from Filippo Sorcinelli’s UNUM. Visceral plumes of blackened frankincense smoke release their essence as they spread throughout the atmosphere, moving with exceptional grace and calling to mind the delicate ombre of shadow applied by the skillful hand of an artist. Among a symphony of resins, singing in a kaleidoscope of shadow and ash, comes forth the scintillating glow of cardamom and clove calling to mind the gleam of flesh peeking from beneath the shadow as the edges feather softly into all but air.
I love glitter and I mean I *really* love glitter so you can just imagine my sheer delight as I watched it pop up again and again within the makeup shown during Fall 2016 collections. There is something so joyous, carefree and utterly ebullient about the way these tiny particles cause the light to dance and refract in a display of absolute exuberance. Did I mention I really love glitter? Interpretations ran the gamut of lashings of densely saturated silver beneath cheek and jawbones at Opening Ceremony to the delicate smattering of silver and gold shown at Burberry (pictured above). The moment I laid my eyes on these buoyant and sparking beauties I was immediately transported, immediately reminded of the vivid lucidity of shimmering aldehydes. Not just any aldehydes, mind you, but specifically those found within Mark Buxton’s 2 from Comme des Garçons; the likes of which cast the same lustrous sterling light which so seamlessly echoes this jubilant fashion. Fractals of light are broken only by the hologram of a magnolia blossom who's petals have been drenched in ink.

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